• Distribution reporting


  • Distribution Process reporting and integration of results into the PharmXplore market research system

  • Data recognition to pharmacy chain level and marketing end point

  • Consolidation of distributors and chains reporting data for analytical evaluation

  • Comparison of distribution data with retail sales data and promotion activity

  • Integration of regional and structure company divisions for personal sales assessment for each worker and any onsite

  • Integration of price-lists and sales plan number

  • Custom reports creation for results assessment

Features and benefits:

Efficiency and accuracy of processing
Fluid approach - reports processing , with respect to customers wishes and the nuances in the processing of each report
Personification of the results - analytics creation according to the unique needs of each client, with respect to company’s business logic specifics.
Ability to generate and send reporting with the help of e-mail, sms-messages
Data usage on typing, categorization and network affiliation of delivery points by the aid of DB “Axiom”