• PromoTest

Monitoring of promotion activity of pharmaceutical companies. It is conducted among doctors, pharmacists and experts of purchasing centers on a regular basis in 15 cities of Republic of Kazakhstan.

Subject of study

  • Recalls of doctors, pharmacists and experts of purchasing centers about visits of medical representatives, promotions in pharmacies, post and e-mail lists , participation in conferences, remote communications, POS materials, advertising in specialized press, advertising / information on the Internet and TV.

  • Recalls of doctors, pharmacists about medical prescriptions and recommendations.

  • Volume of advertising activity by brands and producers: on TV, radio, in unspecialized press and Internet

Data update term:

Data reporting term:




Data reporting form:

  • Internet access to the database for unlimited number of users

  • Ability to split access level

  • Competitive groups support

Features and benefits:

Evaluation of promotional activity in competitive environment
Definition of basic drivers of promotion of researched segment: doctors, employees of pharmacies
Evaluation of advertising activity in competitive environment
Analysis of promotion strategies: multichannel marketing