• Retail
    Sale Out

Constantly operating research of pharmaceutical products consumption volumes in the retail market of Republic of Kazakhstan.



Retail sales

  • volumes of all pharmaceutical products in money and packaging



  • Data extrapolation from the representative sample to the general population.
  • Cluster analysis.
  • Hierarchical models.


Research categories:

  • Drugs;
  • Medical commodities;
  • Cosmetics;
  • Children Nutrition;
  • Dietary supplements;
  • Disinfectants.


IV. Research geography -
Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Republic of Kazakhstan national level

  • 3 cities
  • 14 regions
  • city areas
  • Dynamic territories in Geomarketing system, corresponding to medical representatives responsibility areas


Test indicators:

  • consumption volumes in money and natural terms, sell-out and sell-in prices, DDD.


Test integral

  • Grouped by brands, corporations, manufacturers, АТС classification, NFC, EphMRA, INN, OTC/Rx.Category classification – Dietary supplements, Cosmetics, Medical commodities, Children Nutrition;
  • Cumulative − MAT, YTD, MQT;
  • Comparative – previous period growth, same period of last year
  • Share – market share, share in competitive groups, etc.

Data update rate:

Information reporting term:




Data reporting form

  • Internet-access for an unlimited number of users in the QlikView dashboard interface

  • Ability to split access level

  • Comparative groups supporting

Features and benefits:

Regular monitoring of retail consumption dynamics in the context of competitive markets of the company
Providing dynamics analysis of retail consumption due to support of structural and regional division of the company
Data integration with researches of promotion and advertising activities. Promotional activities sales impact assessment
Each medical representative contribution calculation to the overall company sales result. Sales and market share assessment onsite of each medical representative
Sales analysis in various categories of pharmacies and segmentation (A/B/C, large/medium/small)
Market analysis according to price niches. Segmentation for high-, medium-, low-cost drugs
Market and divisions development forecasting, calculation the demand of elasticity, drug launches effectiveness, etc
Data depth since 2018